Kuala Lumpur, 14 February 2022 – Burgers originate from Hamburg, Germany and have fast become popular in Asia. The discovery by the popular international website, Big 7 Travel Guide, has revealed that Indonesia, Philippines and Malaysia tops the list of the Best 50 Burgers in Asia. Joining the wagon is Burger on 16, a burger joint at quiet street right next to Berjaya Times Square, just slightly away from the hustle and bustle of Bukit Bintang.

The local joint got its spot on the list thanks to its close resemblance to American styled burger. Mohanad Mudhafer who established the joint three years ago with his two other partners  said the reason that their outlet got picked to be among the Top 50 Burger in  Asia is because of their close resemblance in taste to American styled burgers. He drew inspiration from his frequent trips to New York and determined to provide the same taste when he started the restaurant.  

The most important component  of a perfect burger will be the patty which has to be high quality and finely ground. “We incorporate  the  premium cut Australian beef in our burgers and accompany  them with our homemade sauces and ingredients”, says Mohanad.

Big 7 Travel claims that all it takes is one bite to understand why they’re listed as one of the best burgers in Asia.

To keep up with the customer’s taste, they serve 20 different types of combinations of beef, chicken and  vegetarian patties.  

The restaurant has also introduced California Cheese Skirt in its menu to complement the Malaysian’s  craze for cheese. The gourmet burgers are topped with a 100g crispy cheese and drizzled in flavoured sauces.

“We are very careful in making sure the combinations of the meat, temperature, the type of buns, and topping are compatible for a perfect taste” added Mohanad.

Another reason why  Burger on 16 was selected was because they come full throttle with desserts. Big 7 credits  Burger on 16 as Classic American style food with really good shakes and some proper tasty desserts.

Mohanad added that  the monthly sales has surpassed more than RM200,000 since the listing of the restaurant on the international platform and has also opened a branch in Kota Damansara. He feels proud to be one of the four restaurants that got picked from Malaysia. 

It’s a great spot to try one of the best burgers in Asia.