The biggest impediments to digital transformation for SMEs include high costs, insufficient skills, a lack of understanding of government support as well as high implementation costs. The global pandemic’s economic uncertainty has exacerbated these problems with cost remaining the Number One challenge.

Additionally, the pandemic has presented Malaysian businesses with challenges such as managing accounting entries and human resources as well as sales management. Covid-19 would also drive digital disruptions at a faster pace, increasing market competition as a result and that has necessitated SMEs to digitally transform fast.

Most SMEs are not aware of government schemes and initiatives accessible to them, such as productivity solutions grants, and digital products specifically tailored to the needs of the SMEs such the RHB Reflex Premium Plus.

With the understanding that the previous 24 months have been a challenging period for SMEs, RHB believes these digital initiatives can give businesses the confidence to step into their digital sphere and embrace technological solutions that will ultimately improve their business productivity.

SMEs now need to plan out a feasible digital transformation journey to ensure that they will not lose out to the competition. As one of the industry’s most trusted SME business partners, RHB Business Banking has rolled out several solutions to help businesses in their digital transformation journeys, through the newly introduced Reflex Premium Plus.

What is RHB Reflex Premium Plus?

RHB Reflex Premium Plus is an all-in-one online banking ecosystem that integrates several plug-and-play solutions that help SMEs juggle all aspects of their business efficiently. From as low as RM50, SMEs will have access to RHB Bank’s quality financial services and be able to manage their company accounts, point of sales, human resources and staff training effectively with the integrated solutions offered by RHB Reflex Premium Plus. 

RHB Reflex Premium Plus is a specially curated product developed aimed at assisting SMEs. This digital offering comes with RHB Corporate Card, which captures data on the spending patterns of the business, while offering attractive cashback rates with a charge-free period of up to 50 days from the first transaction date.

For restaurants and retail outlets, RHB Merchant Terminal enables quick and convenient payment transactions. With a wide range of software programmes, SMEs will be able to customise their payment processing solution to suit their business needs.

To this end, RHB Bank collaborates with Financio Accounting to provide a solution that bridges the gap between its banking system and accounting software. The system automatically reconciles the transaction data between these two platforms, freeing up time and resources for companies to focus on growing their business. 

To further assist SMEs in the digitalisation process, RHB Business Banking has worked with ePOS partners such as StoreHub and ARMS to provide services such as food delivery and online product catalogues. Through these initiatives, RHB hopes to streamline the digitalisation process, making the transition to online platforms as seamless as possible. 

RHB Reflex Premium Plus is essentially built on the four pillars:

Accounting Solution

Vendors: Financio

Most companies spend a lot of resources for manual reconciliations of their accounting entries and bank account transactions monthly. Understanding businesses’ headache, RHB has partnered with Financio Accounting to provide auto-reconciliation between the banking system and accounting solution, allowing companies to allocate resources on growing their business and expanding their market share.

This initiative also helps smaller SMEs to start their business more easily. With the auto-reconciliation function, they can now focus on strategies that will help them expand their customer base. SMEs can benefit from the following features:

  • A centralised account payment feature that allows customers to initiate supplier payments in the Accounting Solution, which triggers alerts and approval requests on the RHB Reflex Mobile App;
  • View the Real Time Bank Balance feature through your mobile or desktop; and
  • An automated-reconciliation feature via two-way bank feeds between the RHB Business Current Account and Accounting Solution to cut down on the manual process of cross-checking each accounting entry against bank transactions.

Human Resource Solutions

Vendors: | Talenox

For companies large and small, the administrative process of managing human resources can be time-consuming and arduous. In addition to high-level tasks such as fostering a healthy work culture and maintaining employee relations, there are low-level tasks as well, such as keeping track of payroll, staff absences and local labour laws.

By partnering with service providers such as and Talenox, RHB Reflex Premium Plus offers SMEs an end-to-end solution that keeps tabs on companies’ talents, which is vital to keeping their back-end operations running smoothly. SMEs can benefit from the following features:

  • A cloud-based centralised dashboard to manage employee leaves, payroll and statutory payments in one place, anywhere, anytime;
  • Save time spent on calculating employees’ salaries and statutory payments via payroll automation; and
  • Enable easy salary disbursement by creating your file with instructions generated from the chosen HR solutions provider and plug it into RHB Reflex to disburse salary with a few clicks.

The administrative process of Human Resource (HR) can be a confusing and arduous task for companies of all sizes, especially with workforce challenges. Having a self-serve system with an end-to-end solution that keeps tabs on all people processes is important in keeping your back-end operations running smoothly.

Kakitangan simplifies HR by providing large-scale business owners with a HR & Payroll system that integrates your employee, issue payrolls, database and platforms all in one place with RHB Reflex.

The partnership between RHB Reflex & Kakitangan integration offers growing businesses like yours the efficiency to manage leaves, payroll and statutory payments so you’ll never find yourself managing repetitive, mind-numbing tasks again.

Similarly, the RHB Reflex integration with Talenox allows for seamless automation and disbursement of salary and statutory payments at the most important time of that month, so you can keep all your employees happy and get more done with less work required.

POS Solutions

Vendors: StoreHub, ARMS

Whether you run a restaurant or retail store, having the right support to keep track of all your operations can help you lower your cost of running a business, all while increasing productivity.

StoreHub is an operating system designed for omni-channel retail and F&B businesses that functions to keep a close eye on your stores, and lets you enjoy a complete and seamless view of all your business outlets wherever you are.

The RHB Reflex system and POS software integrations also helps SMEs save hours of manual operations, transfer inventory seamlessly with a multi-store management software that changes the way you do business.


Operating your own business without inventory errors and misunderstood customers cannot happen without the right support. If retail is at the heart of your business, then a good POS system should be the backbone so you can run your entire business in a smarter and more efficient way.

Aimed at larger SMEs with bigger needs, ARMS is a one-stop back-end for retail and F&B businesses that helps companies run and grow their business efficiently.

The integration between RHB Reflex and ARMS maximises efficiency for retail and F&B operations with mobile registers and keep businesses flexible with shortcut customisable items while you generate money sales and collection reports seamlessly.

Education Solution


The education business offers a world of learning opportunities and having an automation software empowered by technology can make handling administration a total breeze.

From administrator to educators to parents and students, iKEY drives the education industry to greater efficiency by relieving you from daily administrative tasks with one automated software that’s seamlessly integrated with RHB Reflex Premium Plus.

With less time spent on mundane undertakings via RHB Reflex Premium Plus’s seamless integration with iKEY, you can now fully focus on growing your education business exponentially. 

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