Commercial vehicles are a crucial part of business. In sectors like logistics and transport, they are invaluable.

A key part of the commercial fleet is light goods vehicles (LGVs). These LGVs comprise the vans and pickup trucks you can see at all hours on the road.

Suffice to say, such commercial vehicles keep Singapore’s economy running. Without vans or pickup trucks, construction will grind to a halt. Contractors (builders, electricians, and various handymen) which use LGVs to haul their tools and materials will find themselves stranded.

Moreover, in industries reliant on heavy equipment and machinery, the role of commercial vehicles becomes even more pronounced. Sectors such as construction, manufacturing, and infrastructure development heavily rely on the timely delivery of specialized machinery and equipment to their job sites.

Here, low loader transport plays a pivotal role, facilitating the movement of oversized or exceptionally heavy machinery that standard vehicles cannot accommodate. From excavators to cranes, these specialized transporters ensure that essential equipment reaches its destination safely and efficiently, contributing to the seamless functioning of various sectors within Singapore’s economy.

Logistics will follow suit – but more than that, LGVs are normally used for critical city-centre deliveries to places like retailers, schools, and hospitals.

In Singapore, commercial goods vehicles comprise 17 percent of traffic on the road as of 2019. A typical LGV covers more than 30,000 kilometres a year on average – which is much more than an average family car which may only cover 10,000 kilometres or less per year.

With this in mind, SMEs and tradespeople who rely on LGVs need to pick their vehicle of choice with care.

Office on the Move

Some people still have the perception that commercial vehicles are uncomfortable – think hard bench seats and tough suspension that gives an unforgiving ride, as well as cramped cabin space.

You will, however, find that this image is outdated, once you have met the Peugeot Partner. 

The Peugeot Partner is a modern van that offers the creature comforts of a passenger car, yet without compromising on your commercial needs. You will find a spacious cabin, which custom seat covers 3 adults comfortably. To keep you connected on the go, the Partner also comes with an 8” colour infotainment system with Smartphone mirroring functions. Together with the ergonomically designed front console, the Peugeot Partner takes the burden off long hours spent travelling on the road.

In terms of practicality, the Peugeot Partner has a payload of up to 950kg and fits up to 2 Euro-sized pallets. Matched with an 8-speed automatic transmission, it offers an effortless and smooth driving experience – regardless if you are carrying a full load of goods.

Expert Touch

For those looking for a larger carrying capacity, meet the Peugeot Expert. Like its smaller brother, the multiple award winner offers a host of features combining driver comfort with enhanced functionality.

Its powerful yet efficient 1.6 litre BlueHDi diesel engine has 115 hp and 300 Nm of torque on tap. Combined with a robust 6-speed manual gearbox, and an array of driver aids such as a Blind Spot Warning and Hill Assist systems, the Peugeot Expert ensures that its load-bearing duties, of up to 1,114kg, are carried out in an effortless, comfortable and safe manner.

Both the Peugeot Expert and Peugeot Partner vans are based on Groupe PSA’s EMP2 platform, which is shared with the brand’s latest SUV lineup. The modular platform offers a blend of dynamic comfort, assured road holding, ease of driving with optimised turning circle and driving aids – which were previously only seen on passenger vehicles.

Team and Tools

Pickup trucks are often associated with a tough, sometimes off-road image. But this image was born from their role as working vehicles on rough country roads. In modern Singapore, pickups still play an important role as a commercial vehicle, hauling materials around on their cargo beds.

Nowadays, double cab pickup trucks are becoming popular among lifestyle drivers, but business owners have been using them for decades as tough, reliable workhorses. With the ability to carry five passengers plus gear in the back, pickups are a preferred method of transporting bulky cargo.

The International Pick-up Award (IPUA) 2020-winning Ford Ranger in particular is designed to deliver improved drivability and torque with passenger car-like refinement. Not only that, Ford has a long history of making pickup trucks for American tradespeople – presenting a tradition of reliability and usability.

With a new 2.0-litre bi-turbo diesel engine mated to a 10-speed automatic gearbox, the new Ford Ranger has a rated payload of around 1,090kg. It can carry your team and their tools in comfort and style, while staying economical: it has a combined fuel consumption of 7.9 litres/100km.

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