British Airways is reaffirming its commitment to Malaysia with the launch of On Business loyalty programme aimed at benefitting and enabling businesses to maximise their travel budget. New members from Malaysia can enjoy a welcome bonus of triple On Business Points on the first six eligible flights within the first 12 months of the new membership*.

The On Business loyalty programme, which already helped companies to save £47 million in 2015 worldwide, brings together the business loyalty programmes of three airlines – British Airways, Iberia, American Airlines and codeshare partner airlines – allowing business travellers to collect points and spend on all partnered airlines under one scheme. Members will be rewarded based on the money spent rather than distance travelled or number of flights flown, making it easier for companies to manage their budget to meet their travel needs.

Robert Williams, British Airways’ head of Asia Pacific sales said, “Travel is an integral part of doing business as face-to-face meetings are a much better way to build relationships and are more efficient than conference calls and e-mails. However, some small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) may find it challenging to balance the need to travel and the cost associated with it. On Business loyalty programme is British Airways’ answer to this challenge.

“Our research showed that customers want a programme that is simple to understand, able to help them to manage travel costs and rewards them for their loyalty. On Business does exactly this. I am confident that this programme can help SMEs to make the most of their travel budget. It will be an invaluable business tool which I hope Malaysian companies would take advantage of,” added Williams.

Other features of the On Business programme include:

  • Three-tier ranking system to boost earning power
  • Handpicked offers and bonuses for members
  • A new, easy to use online account management tool

The three-tier system is based on the amount customers spend on travel each year. As users progress through the tiers, they can save more to spend on reward flights and upgrades. As members progress from basic tier to higher tiers, they can earn more points for every Ringgit spent. In other words, the more they fly, the greater the reward multiples. This adds up to considerable savings for companies as they accumulate more reward flights and upgrades. Its custom reporting function, as well as a clear overview on where, when and what earnings are made, also help make further savings.

Malaysia is the ninth country in the region to activate the On Business programme. The programme has proved to be very popular with SMEs in Australia, China, Hong Kong, India, Japan, Korea, Singapore and Thailand.


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