A small representative office of international trading business was initially created in 1992, conducted under the French business registration in Paris, founded by Lê Thanh Vân and Didier Lachize. The founders’ vision was to be the first leader in imported food ingredients, and international food sourcing business in Vietnam. 

In 1997, New Viet Dairy JSC (NVD JSC) was officially created in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. 

To facilitate Vietnam’s fast-growing hospitality, NVD JSC expanded its scope of business and sourced more ranges of dairy, meat and grocery products from the top international suppliers, from New Zealand, America, France, Italy, Spain and Australia. 

In the 2000s, NVD JSC invested in its warehouse infrastructure, IT system, training employees, logistics to maintain with the high protocols from its international and local partners. More than 700 SKUs for B2B sales, more than 1000 SKUs for retail distribution, 600 employees, two mega distribution centers in the North and South of Vietnam, 9 medium sized distribution warehouses and localized representative branches throughout the nation, a food factory providing cut & wrap services, and dozens of container trailers, truck and a fleet of motorbikes, ensure the fast and responsiveness for local deliveries. 

NVD JSC went on to create a food packaged brand, “Bottega Zelachi” which has been on the high-end shelving of all the modern trade chains such as Lotte Mart, Big C. A new adaption of European cuisine in most Vietnamese households, “New Viet Shop” has created a new shopping experience for end consumers both online (newvietshop.com) and offline shops in Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi, Danang, and Phan Thiet. 

Food packaging and food solutions is then a new stepping stone for NVD JSC to facilitate many exciting and well packaged products to the hospitality industry and end users such as freshly made Italian cheese, Italian pasta sources and special condiments, imported beef portioned to demand, cold cuts packing in users’ convenient formats and ready to cook, pastry and bakery semi form products. 

Using imported state-of-the-art machines from Japan, Italy and Germany, and conducting with strictly high protocols under the the ISO9001 and HACCP certifications. NVD JSC packaged products provide a new way of food service, and is scientifically proven with regards to food safety and standards to end users. 

Le Square Epicier Fin, a new and more refined business was created in 2019 by NVD JSC to serve high end customers. This new exciting business is again a new pioneering stage of high quality food, and demand special tastes for difference which was taken place more than 20 years ago. 

Le Square Epicier Fin was built on a French and Indochine touched compact of more than 2000 sqms which all comes together to present the touch, feel and taste of special gourmet. This beautiful compact was designed by an Italian architect, Massimiliano Locatelli, after listening to beautiful stories shared by Didier Lachize, who travelled and worked many years internationally, and living more than 38 years in Vietnam. 

The unique design that relies on rich, dark wood and sleek steel, combining French and Vietnamese aesthetics, has proven so popular that Le Square Epicier Fin has attracted many Vietnamese young patrons, expats, and as well the media. 

The high ceilings, large French and Italian style-mosaic made with blue ceramic tiles from Bat Trang, hanging lanterns and numerous bikes might initially draw people’s eyes when they step into the grocery store, but they stay for the variety of imported products of all types that are difficult to find elsewhere. 

NVD JSC remarkable successes were built on a long term vision and strong fundamental aspects, with each concrete step, the family owned corporation providing a one and simple vision for Vietnam food and hospitality is good food, good quality for a better and healthy living. Being established for more than 27 years, since its first small office with a few employees, the well conduct of business ethics, the trusted and companion relationships, allow NVD JSC to gain more respects from reputable international and local partners, and especially the corporate’s employees.


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