Elements LAIfestyle Group (ELG) is a dynamic hospitality and entertainment company headquartered in Saigon. The name Elements LAIfestyle Group (ELG) represents what inspires us and ignites our passion: the importance of maintaining impeccable service, creating festive joyousness, and exploring new boundaries.

Launched in 2017, ELG’s aim is to redefine and set the benchmark for the modern lifestyle of the Vietnamese market by diversifying participation in related and mutually supporting luxury industries.

ELG provides a wide range of superior lifestyle preferences covering hospitality, entertainment, event management, consultancy, retail and other sectors with the desire to aggregate all skills to deliver gracious services for a comprehensive and extraordinary experience.

ELG’s founder and chairman has been a prominent and prestigious name in Vietnam’s luxury leisure industry for over the past 20 years – the one who has been referred to as the master of nightlife, Mr Trinh Lai. He is well-known for many successful projects including the world renowned Chill Sky Bar, the finest Japanese dining lounge Sorae, and the casual Chinese dining chain San Fu Lou. He also is the creator of Qui Cuisine Mixology, voted the best dining lounge by Robb Report, and Envy Club awarded by World’s Finest Club and ranked 72 Top 100 Club in 2020.

Inspired by Mr Trinh Lai, ELG takes roots and builds its business philosophy based on five essential elements:

  • FIRE represents Cuisine
  • WATER represents Mixology
  • AIR represents Entertainment
  • EARTH represents Aesthetics
  • THE SOUL represents Hosting

From 2017 ELG has been successfully created and developed nine acclaimed projects including:

  • SKYXX Garden Lounge
  • PRIME XXI Steak Seafood
  • LAI Cantonese Restaurant
  • TOWA Japanese Cuisine
  • SÔNG Grilled Seafood
  • ROS Dining River Lounge
  • BẾN Snail Seafood

Many potential projects are being researched and developed, as ELG ambitiously becomes a pioneer in the market and brings more new concepts that break beyond the usual boundaries.


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