Braskem, a global biopolymer producer, and SCG Chemicals (SCGC), a leading petrochemical company in Thailand and Southeast Asia, have signed a joint venture (JV) agreement to produce bio-ethylene from bio-ethanol dehydration and commercialize Braskem’s I’m green™ bio-based Polyethylene, utilising the EtE EverGreen™ technology.

This technology results from the partnership agreement between Lummus Technology LLC and Braskem B.V. to develop and license this technology.

The bio-ethylene plant is the first of its kind outside Brazil which will almost double the existing capacity of I’m green™ bio-based Polyethylene to meet the growing global demand for biopolymers, particularly in Asia and Europe.

The bio-based Polyethylene is a plastic made from ethanol sourced sustainably from agriculture. This renewable raw material can replace traditional fossil feedstock like oil-derived naphtha for plastic production.

Bio-based Polyethylene significantly reduces CO2 emissions, offering a positive environmental impact. It finds applications in various products, including packaging, personal care items, toys, and more. It can also be recycled similarly to regular Polyethylene.

Braskem’s bio-based plastics expertise combined with SCGC’s Asian market position and PE production know-how forms a solid foundation for the joint venture. Braskem contributes the proven EtE EverGreen™ technology, ethanol dehydration process experience, and I’m green™ brand recognition.

SCGC brings expertise in high-quality Polyethylene grades, manufacturing excellence, and market reach in Southeast Asia.

Roberto Bischoff, Braskem’s CEO, said: “We seek opportunities to expand I’m green™ bio-based PE offerings, providing low carbon circular alternatives to our customers. This partnership with SCGC aligns with our commitment to produce 1 million tons of green products by 2030, replacing fossil feedstock and reducing our industry’s carbon footprint.”

Tanawong Areeratchakul, CEO and President of SCGC, added: “SCGC aims to develop green innovations, such as environmentally friendly polymers, and low carbon solutions. This joint venture and partnership with Braskem for bio-ethylene production align with our strategy to expand our sustainable business.”

The project will be situated in Map Ta Phut, Rayong, Thailand.


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