Negara Malaysia (BNM), the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) and the Inland Revenue Board of Malaysia (LHDNM) have combined their efforts to fight against financial crimes, corruption and tax evasion. The three parties said they would boost their strategic cooperation in combatting these white collar crimes. This was agreed at a meeting today between the governor of BNM, Datuk Muhammad  Ibrahim, MACC chief commissioner Datuk Dzulkifli Ahmad and LHDBM CEO Datuk Sabin Samitah. The three parties said the synergistic combination and cooperation would strengthen the country’s financial system, increase national revenue and build a country that is free from corruption and abuse of power. “The aim of the tri-partite effort is to strengthen strategic cooperation in curbing financial crimes, especially those involving corruption and tax evasion.

BNM’s Datuk Muhammad said the central bank welcomed the commitment and collaboration with MACC and LHDNM to combat financial crimes. “The collaboration of the three agencies will stem the channelling of illegal proceeds and illegal transactions through the financial system. This is key in preserving the integrity and public confidence in the Malaysian financial system,” he added.

Datuk Dzulkifli said the collaboration would allow exchange of information on investigation and reinforced the sharing of best practices between the three agencies. He pointed out that each agency had its own unique challenges in combating financial crimes, corruption and tax evasion. “The meet was mooted to reinforce and showcase initiatives and intention by all three agencies in tackling bribery and corruption besides promoting public awareness in financial crimes,” Datuk Dzulkifli said.

Datuk Sabin also expressed LHDNM’s our full commitment to the collaboration with BNM and MACC. “This strategic alliance is a necessary step towards reducing tax leakages that result from financial crimes. We firmly believe the synergy between our three agencies will bring forth significant benefits for the betterment of our beloved nation.”

Source: The Star


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