On the heels of Blue Coat’s significant acquisition of cloud innovator Elastica, Blue Coat Systems, Inc. has introduced a new set of cloud generation products and features to its market-leading Blue Coat Security Platform that integrates components required for protecting enterprises in today’s rapidly changing IT environment.

These “Cloud Generation” capabilities represent a major evolution of the Secure Web Gateway, combining Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB), Advanced Threat Protection (ATP), integrated Web Application Firewall (WAF), and encrypted traffic management (SSL), significantly advancing Blue Coat’s industry-leading web and cloud security solution.

Combining Elastica’s CloudSOCTM with and the encryption and tokenization technology from the Perspecsys acquisition, Blue Coat’s Cloud Generation GatewayTM forms a foundation of The Blue Coat Security Platform to ensure protection of both existing and future computing environments.

The 5 five new product offerings to address these challenges:

  • CASB Visibility and Access Security
  • Cloud Data Protection
  • Advanced Secure Gateway
  • Cloud Generation Intelligence Services
  • Integrated WAF

“Massive shifts in usage of cloud applications and services are driving dramatic new requirements that are begging for a new approach to security,” Kenneth Chen, Managing Director for ASEAN, Hong Kong and Taiwan said.

“The current trend offered by niche vendors forces customers into a situation where they have spread a single cloud interaction by a user across multiple solutions and multiple clouds. Thus, the Blue Coat Security Platform and our Cloud Generation capabilities deliver customers a new and unprecedented level of security and integration in this cloud age.” added Chen.

A New Security Solution for Today’s IT Environment

Shifts in the enterprise IT environment are driving a requirement to rethink security. New connectivity options have emerged, and encrypted traffic is on the rise, creating blind spots for security controls. Wi-Fi and 4G/5G have become the standard connectivity norm even in the office and cloud services like salesforce.com and Box to foster new work patterns.

The Cloud Generation Gateway focuses on these industry shifts, allowing customers to assess and control the risk of unsanctioned cloud usage, while adding critical security controls to eliminate data leakage, retain data residency through tokenization, maintain compliance for sanctioned cloud applications, and protect corporate data centre and cloud applications.

Securing the Endpoint and Connected Device Revolution

Endpoints have evolved beyond the traditional computing platforms of servers and desktops, yet the security controls for the next generation endpoint have not evolved with them. The best way to effectively protect these devices is via Cloud Generation Gateways, which can broker the interactions these devices have with the world around them.

The Cloud Generation Gateway is an essential component of The Blue Coat Security Platform which addresses evolving network, security and cloud requirements with five advanced solutions that work equally well across on-premise and cloud-managed environments:

  • Advanced web and cloud security
  • Encrypted traffic management
  • Advanced threat protection
  • Incident response and network forensics
  • Network performance and optimization

Blue Coat is a leader in advanced enterprise security, protecting 15,000 organizations every day, including 88 of the 100 largest global companies. Through the Blue Coat Security Platform, Blue Coat unites network, security and cloud, providing customers with maximum protection against advanced threats, while minimizing impact on network performance and enabling cloud applications and services.


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