BLOCONOMIC EXPO 2019 aims to bring together the many components of Blockchain economy into the heart of South East Asia, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Bloconomic will discuss the real use cases and the future prospect of Blockchain in areas of
finance, global payment system, travel, healthcare, energy trading, digital identity authentication, electronic record authentication, IoT, supply chain management and government governance, E-KYC, etc, and address the opportunities and challenges ahead.

In alignment of the Industry Revolution 4.0, Blockchain plays a big role in revolutionize the technology from a small part of data to the Artificial Intelligence. Over the past years, the ICO and STO has become a hot debate around the industry over the regulations and security which is still on the research although the industry has been contributing highly to the world economy.

2019 is expected to be a hot year for the regulators as some of the countries have been looking into legalizing the blockchain activity including the digital asset exchanges, crypto wallet, DLT,  and so much more. This will be discussed on how the ICO and STO system will change the economy especially on how the industries is ready to adopt the use of blockchain technology for business and other applications.

Bloconomic aims to create a vast network of Blockchain entrepreneurs and developers in the fast evolving Blockchain economy, to explore new business models and unrecognized opportunities in the Blockchain world.

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