Around the world, in a number of communities, we are seeing residents say they do not support taxes on beverages that hurt local businesses, job holders and consumers. That was certainly true in Cook County. What’s more important, though, is that we believe there is a better way to help people moderate their consumption of added sugar. We recognize that too much sugar isn’t good for anyone, and we are continually evolving our business to reflect this fact. While there’s no silver bullet that will end obesity, we believe our combined product, package and marketing efforts can be more effective at reducing the sugar people drink over the long term – and are the right actions to bring about real and lasting change.

For example, we remain on track to reformulate more than 500 products this year. Additionally, in the U.S., we’re making low- and no-sugar beverage choices more available and easier to find at local stores, like Honest organic unsweetened tea, fairlife reduced-sugar milk, Zico coconut water, and purified waters like Dasani and smartwater. And we’re making calorie and nutrition information clear and accessible so people can make informed choices without the guesswork.


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