To DBPlus, the SME100 Award not only reflects the effort of the whole team and the contribution of each individual but also represents the outstanding growth of DBPlus. CEO of DBPlus, Mr Trinh Minh Nhat, notes that the award is an affirmation to the customers that DBPlus is always ready to provide the best customer’s experience; to build a better life – a worth-living life, a worth-working job, and a worth-owning business. He shares his journey with SME.

Q: What is the most important strategy that leads your company to thrive in this difficult year?  

As you are aware, DBPlus is an Interior company. We have more than 30 highly experienced members as designers. Besides, we also have a manufacturing workshop of 5000 square meters with more than 100 diligent workers. Not to mention our operation system, we have applied digital in project management and our upcoming plan is to apply it in developing each and every customer.

From my own belief, there are not so many firms in the same field that have combined these perks together into their operation.

Then, I have to say we’re lucky enough to seize this opportunity by digitizing our services, especially during the epidemic, in which face-to-face interaction has become a major barrier.

Otherwise, there are no benefits that are eternal, so we do believe that the meticulous research, creativity and constant innovation are our most conducive strength of the whole entire organization.

Q: What are the future plans in developing the business and expansion?

About this matter, we used to give up on exclusive customers to catch up with B2B projects. Simply because we do have a strong commitment to the value and prestige to build our position in the market.

However, regarding our upcoming technological application, we will definitely be back with the “End User”, which is considered to be an extreme potential market with over 100 million residents alongside with the philosophy that says: “Our customers must be treated better”

Q:  How did your company inspire and support the community this year?

This award helps DBPlus recognize the importance of CSR in business activities, especially in the tough period of Covid pandemic. We would like to contribute more for Vietnam. As a member of TLF (Thang Long Foundation), which is a prominent charity organization, DBPlus is working on many significant charities for the poor. Above all, our company focuses on annual charity activities for the unfortunate children from the countryside of Vietnam by re-design their shelter and believe me you can’t imagine how happy we are once seeing their smile and know that they have a safe place to call “home”.

Q: What makes you participate in SME 100 awards?

A: We think that with more than 200 employees in multiple fields and the urge to reach the dream of penetrating the consuming market all over the nation. It’s time for us to get ourselves out there and show to the world what we got.


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