Singapore-based live commerce and shoppable short video solutions provider BeLive Technology has announced a new partnership with, Indonesia’s leading online e-commerce platform which offers various products specialised in Korean beauty, fashion, and lifestyle.

This latest collaboration marks BeLive Technology’s further expansion across Asia as well as the opportunity to advance Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) channels. BeLive Technology’s platform for allows users to buy products through live commerce which includes shoppable video content and interactive features.’s new solution is powered by BeLive Technology’s Live One to Many Retail Application (LORA).

BeLive Technology operates from Singapore and Vietnam and, to date, has delivered over 5 billion minutes of live video to over 100 million viewers worldwide. is a hugely popular platform amongst consumers, reaching over US$15.7 million (S$20.6 million) in annual sales in 2021. a Korean beauty, fashion, and lifestyle destination that started new live commerce and shoppable short video capabilities provided by BeLive Technology aiming to maximise interaction with customers and deliver an engaging shopping experience.

Since the platform launched, has seen an average 250 percent increase in the company’s month-on-month live sales. The new solution’s interactive and immersive experience is helping build customer loyalty and a stronger community.

Indonesia is one of the largest Direct-to-Consumer economies in Southeast Asia and e-commerce is the fastest-growing trend for consumers. The use of live and video technology increases engagement with customers enabling brands to better showcase their products and demonstrate them via interactive video in real-time. With both live and shoppable video capabilities, the solution powered by BeLive Technology allows content to be curated and repurposed directly on the platform offering users a seamless experience when purchasing products online.

Retail sales in Singapore grew 11.6 percent according to Cushman and Wakefield’s Retail Marketbeat Report. This was fueled by the release of pent-up demand from consumers and returning tourists. Total sales exceeded the pre-pandemic level by 5.7 percent.

In addition to this, social commerce could add up to $42 billion USD ($55 billion SGD) to Southeast Asia’s total e-commerce market according to Singapore Social Commerce Market Intelligence Report 2022-2028. That same report stated that the growth of social commerce in Southeast Asia will not likely slow down as social shoppers’ orders jumped by 102 percent in the first half of 2022 alone.

This new partnership between BeLive Technology and marks a significant step forward for the live commerce industry in Indonesia, by providing consumers with the opportunity to engage with retailers virtually. This collaboration is available to all of’s customers on both web and mobile app.

Commenting on this new partnership with, Kenneth Tan, CEO, and Co-founder of BeLive Technology said: “The partnership with will trailblaze live shopping adoption in Indonesia, one of Southeast Asia’s leading Direct-to-Consumers economies. has been very innovative and transformed itself to be a market leader in the field of live commerce and shoppable short videos. We are happy to be able to support them in their digital transformation journey.”

Steven Calvin Victory, CEO of, said: “’s journey with BeLive Technology in the past year has had a good impact on the company’s growth as e-commerce in Korean beauty, fashion, and lifestyle. In the future, will add more than 500 various products and we hope that with BeLive Technology we can improve our strategic campaign to provide the best live shopping for our consumers.”


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