Growing up in Singapore, many of us would associate the month of October with Children’s Day. But did you know that the International Day of Older Persons (IDOP) is also celebrated in October?

The IDOP is an occasion for us to recognise and appreciate older persons, such as the colleagues and mentors at our workplaces. Furthermore, with rising life expectancy, we can expect the workforce in Singapore to comprise of more older workers in the coming years.

Many older Singaporeans want to continue to be independent. They want to stay employable and share their wealth of knowledge and experience because it makes them feel valued.

Employers play an important role in developing good organisational culture

An employer can affect an employee’s work happiness, job satisfaction, productivity and overall performance. And while employers may seek loyalty and dedication from their employees, it takes a progressive employer to create a conducive work environment that feels like a second home.

Employees appreciate employers who value them and look after their career and work-life needs. That is why it is important for employers to make it known that they hire on merit and offer progressive workplace practices for everyone (including part-timers). These employers also provide channels for their employees to raise work-related concerns, offer flexible work arrangements and have age-friendly practices.

Formalise progressive employment practices to attract and retain talent.

Some employers may already have good workplace practices, but have not formalised them.

While this go-with-the-flow style of management may have worked for them, it poses a serious challenge in today’s competitive talent market.

For employers to successfully attract talent, they need to let their prospective employees know about their good practices. Employers would find it challenging to convince talent that they are employers of choice if such practices are not formalised as human resource policies.

Furthermore, existing employees may prefer to seek new opportunities with other employers with formalised HR practices, for better assurance that their career needs will be properly taken care of.

Employment has a new standard. Tripartite Standards.

The Tripartite Standards (TS) are a set of good employment practices that all employers should implement at their workplaces.

There are eight standards that each cover various aspects of employment areas.

  1. Recruitment Practices
  2. Flexible Work Arrangements
  3. Grievance Handling
  4. Age-Friendly Workplace Practices
  5. Unpaid Leave for Unexpected Care Needs
  6. Employment of Term-Contract Employees
  7. Procurement of Services from Media Freelancers
  8. Contracting with Self-Employed Persons

Are you eligible for the Tripartite Standards?

Are you a progressive employer? Chances are you may very well be one.

For example, an employee calls in at the last minute requesting to work from home to tend to a personal matter. You agree to your employee’s request as you are confident that your employee will still be able to work productively. By doing so, you would have met one of the specifications in the Tripartite Standard on Flexible Work Arrangements.

Alternatively, you would have met one of the specifications in the Tripartite Standard on Recruitment Practices when you ensure that you include selection criteria that’s only related to qualification, skills and experience in your job ads.

If you already have some of these practices at your workplace, we invite you to adopt the Tripartite Standards and be recognised as a progressive employer immediately.

As a Tripartite Standards adopter, you can use the TS logo in your publicity and recruitment materials, giving you a competitive edge. You will be seen as an employer of choice which will help you better attract and retain talent.

If you see value in these work practices but have not implemented them yet, TAFEP offers complimentary Tripartite Standards Clinics that will help you put in place these practices.

For more information about the Tripartite Standards, please email us at or visit today.


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