Which insurance plan should I get? It is a question which often resounds in the mind of entrepreneurs. With the various insurance packages catered to Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs) out there, it is no wonder why business owners often find it hard when trying to decide which insurance plan and company to go with. While most companies may offer the same coverage plans, what sets them apart are the details in the fine print.

From hassle-free claims to excellent customer service, buying an insurance which is right for the business in the long run is what matters most. At Liberty Insurance, business owners can rest assured that the company strives to provide not only the best insurance packages but also top notch after sales service, especially when it comes to risk mitigation and hassle-free claims.

Introducing Liberty Insurance’s BizCare package, which is a holistic plan tailored to cover every SME business needs. In this plan, it covers loss or damage caused by fire, burglary, terrorism, legal liability, employees’ wellbeing, internal fraud and others.

“We take pride in our risk mitigation efforts and is seriously committed to protecting business owners from any untoward incidences because we know at the end of the day, what matters most is what we can deliver and how we deliver it,” said Liberty Insurance Berhad Chief Executive Officer, Puneet Pasricha.

Liberty’s BizCare package is only the tip of the iceberg as it also offers other well thought of coverage such as Legal Shield, which protects businesses from commercial contractual disputes and criminal prosecution. It also covers other disputes which businesses may face like employment, property, data protection and statutory license. In fact, Legal Shield is actually the first insurance product in Malaysia which covers legal expenses arising from legal pursuit.

One example of a commercial contract dispute could be a simple case of unpaid goods, which a customer failed to settle despite multiple reminders. For the uninsured, this would most likely be seen as a huge loss with more money being forked out to cover legal fees and loss of goods. Those insured, on the other hand, will be covered and well-protected by Liberty Insurance, which covers legal costs in pursuing the customer.

Another interesting aspect of the Legal Shield package is that the policyholder will be covered up to RM100,000 any one claim, or a combination of claims per year. This also covers SME businesses which face disputes with current and ex-employees for any employment related legislation.

“As you can see, the benefits of having an insurance coverage are tremendous and if a business is uninsured, the losses and liabilities faced can be pretty extensive and damaging, especially for SMEs. Our Legal Shield covers a wide range of legal problems which may arise during the course of business,” he explains further.

One other product worth having a look at is the Premier Fire and Con-Loss plan which covers small, medium and large risks. This provides the insured with a comprehensive coverage customised for each business need. This plan covers property and physical assets against damage resulting from fire, lightning or domestic explosions. If necessary, businesses can also opt for additional coverage such as bursting water pipes, storms, earthquakes, floods and other natural disasters. Hence, it all depends on the nature and location of the business.

Aside from protecting assets, office equipment and the legal aspect of things, Liberty Insurance also covers foreign workers with its Supreme Worker PA. This policy aims to prioritise the wellbeing of foreign workers, in addition to the compulsory insurance protection required under the Social Security Organisation (SOCSO). To make the plan more lucrative, this policy offers an affordable premium of only 8 sen per day.

“As you can see at Liberty Insurance, we have thought of it all so put your worries to rest and let us protect your business, assets and workers. We believe that progress can only happen when people feel secure and we strive to give you the strength needed to take on challenges every day,” said Mr. Puneet.

With over 44 years of experience in the industry locally and 24 branches located nationwide, Liberty Insurance is one which customer can truly depend on. For more details on the plans and coverage, visit www.libertyinsurance.com.my.


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