Bain & Company (Bain), a prominent global management consulting firm, has officially announced the inauguration of its inaugural office in Vietnam, situated within Ho Chi Minh City.

This milestone marks the establishment of a physical presence, led by a seasoned cadre of partners and team members who have diligently served both global and local corporate entities, along with financial investors in Vietnam, for the past two decades.

Wade Cruse, managing partner of Bain & Company Southeast Asia, shared his enthusiasm: “We are thrilled to extend our global reach into Vietnam, a nation boasting one of the most dynamic and rapidly expanding economies in Southeast Asia.

“This investment is a testament to Bain’s ongoing commitment to expanding its presence to better serve clients throughout the region. We are dedicated to deploying our experts on the ground and eagerly anticipate crafting success stories within the dynamic Vietnamese economy, fueled by an exceptional pool of talent and innovation ecosystems.”

This strategic move underscores Bain’s dedication to serving the dynamic and swiftly burgeoning Vietnamese market, further solidifying its presence in Southeast Asia. The new office will foster closer collaborations with local enterprises and multinational corporations, granting them access to Bain’s extensive global expertise, particularly in the realms of technology, digital innovation, and sustainability.

Andrea Campagnoli, office head and founding partner of Bain & Company Vietnam, affirmed, “Establishing a robust local presence with senior leadership and local consulting teams aligns with our goal of being closer to our clients and offering them unwavering support. Our mission remains unaltered – to assist forward-thinking executives in delivering value that will redefine their respective industries.”

Andrea, the head of the Bain Vietnam office, co-leads Bain’s technology private equity practice for Asia Pacific, and is a member of the broader financial investor practice. She added, “We see immense potential within the local youth population, and part of our mission is to attract top local talent and equip them with invaluable work experiences and a diverse skill set.”

The new Vietnam office positions Bain to leverage its profound understanding of the country’s most pressing business challenges to help clients achieve exceptional outcomes. The firm’s core areas of expertise encompass (i) driving business transformations to unlock full potential and redefine strategies and operations during uncertain times, (ii) promoting innovation through technology, including Industry 4.0 solutions and Generative AI, (iii) supporting sustainability initiatives aimed at transitioning to a net-zero impact across various business sectors, and (iv) providing M&A advisory services to investors and corporations during significant acquisitions in Vietnam.

To tackle the most complex client challenges, Bain assembles multidisciplinary teams comprising strategists, designers, technologists, and data scientists. Notably, in February, the firm formed a service alliance with OpenAI to incorporate AI into clients’ operations.

On the local front in Vietnam, Bain has entered into a partnership agreement with FPT Digital, expanding its roster of esteemed collaborators. This collaboration will empower Bain to bolster digital transformation efforts across diverse business sectors and industries.

Globally, Bain enjoys a sterling reputation as one of the world’s foremost consulting firms. The firm serves over 60 percent of Fortune 500 companies, operating in 40 countries and 65 cities, boasting a global team exceeding 18,000 seasoned professionals.


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