From April 1 onwards, under the Singapore Ministry of Manpower’s (MOM) Employment Act, all employers are required to issue itemised payslips to employees. In accordance with this new rule, AYP Group  has developed Juzpayroll, a new Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) payroll system targeted at small and medium enterprises (SMEs).

Juzpayroll targets SMEs with limited resources and helps them generate payroll easily at low cost. It allows companies to streamline payroll, allowances and expense management all in one productivity boosting system, managing and automating payroll tasks in minutes. In addition, Juzpayroll is also meant to help SMEs who do not have computerized payslips and who can not afford an enterprise solution to produce MOMcompliant payslips.

Juzpayroll protects SME employees from employment disputes and assures them of their income and entitled benefits.

Besides being costefficient, Juzpayroll includes all of the features that SMEs need to run monthly payroll easily.

Juzpayroll features:

  • Time saving
    • Comprehensive payroll report
    • Employee management
    • Auto reimbursement
  • Flexible
    • Customized pay-items templates
    • Compliant payslip
  • User-friendly
    • No installation
    • Mobile friendly
    • Committed support

SMEs may be able to get funding support from the government for the usage of Juzpayroll. Juzpayroll is eligible for the Productivity and Innovation Credit Scheme (PIC). The recent 2016 budget includes a range of measures to support SMEs to help them through the downturn in Singapore’s economy. It was announced that there will be an SME Working Capital Loan scheme for loans. With these schemes in place, SMEs can invest in software that allows them to increase their productivity.

Annie Yap, CEO of AYP Group mentioned that, “SMEs can effectively tap into the new LED scheme to grow the Singaporean core workforce.” One of the important aspects of SMEs is manpower. Many SMEs streamline their manpower to be cost effective. Hence, productivity is key with a lean team. With time saved every month on processing payrolls for employees, manpower can be used to do more productive tasks.

Juzpayroll was founded by Annie Yap and HR experts in Asia. Annie’s team consists of payroll and finance experts with more than 20 years of payroll and HR experience, as well as talented solution architects and engineers. They care deeply about building a great product with a purpose to make payroll administration a breeze for SMEs.


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