The Association of Small and Medium Enterprises (ASME) deems the Workers’ Party’s “A Dynamic Population for a Sustainable Singapore” as another blow to the local SME community.

The construction industry, the F&B industry and others in the service sector simply cannot afford to recruit Singaporeans.

As these SMEs go out of business, Singapore PMEs will soon have less manpower to manage, less companies to serve, to audit and to provide financial services to, which will inevitably lead to a reduction in PME jobs for the growing number of Singapore PMEs, in turn impacting the overall quality of living of Singaporeans.

ASME supports the view that the government should encourage resident workforce growth, but not at the expense of having zero foreign workforce growth, with the tightening of inflow of foreign workers to be done progressively instead. Already facing a severe manpower deficit from the government’s drastic tightening of influx of foreigners, SMEs have painfully learned to accept that there will be no U-turn in the policy only to now hear that the Workers’ Party proposes an even more drastic deceleration.

With the recent abrupt changes in foreign worker reduction policy, many SMEs have relocated or closed down, causing a loss of income and jobs for Singaporeans.


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