Amazon Global Selling Singapore unveiled its 2024 strategic priorities at the Amazon Global Selling Summit 2023 (Southeast Asia) and signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Nanyang Polytechnic’s Singapore Institute of Retail Studies (NYP-SIRS).

According to the MOU, the two parties will collaborate to enhance the online export capabilities of Singaporean entrepreneurs and small and medium enterprises (SMEs), empowering them to expand globally.

The program aims to equip approximately 800 Singaporean entrepreneurs and SMEs with the knowledge and skills to take their businesses online over the next three years, enabling them to seize cross-border ecommerce (CBEC) opportunities. Additionally, Amazon announced a fee-waiver for new sellers from Southeast Asian countries at the summit.

The collaboration between Amazon Global Selling Singapore and NYP-SIRS aligns with the Retail Industry Transformation Map (ITM) 2025 led by Enterprise Singapore, aiming to build global Singapore brands and support internationalization.

Through this partnership, Amazon Global Selling and NYP-SIRS plan to coordinate and organize training sessions and courses. These initiatives will empower entrepreneurs and SMEs, providing them with the opportunity to operate on the same stage as established brands and gain global customer recognition.

Singaporean entrepreneurs and retailers can anticipate initiatives such as product sourcing best practices, study missions, and workshops for product development that align with global consumption trends.

The objective is to elevate the training and support available to CBEC sellers, particularly those targeting North America. Amazon Global Selling and NYP-SIRS plan to explore more initiatives encouraging the adoption of cross-border e-commerce among entrepreneurs and SMEs.

Over the next three years, the program aims to equip approximately 800 Singaporean entrepreneurs and SMEs with the knowledge and skillsets required to nurture their CBEC businesses.

Anand Palit, head of Amazon Global Selling, Southeast Asia, stated, “This collaboration marks a key milestone in our continuous journey of empowering Singapore SMEs and entrepreneurs to thrive on a global scale.

“As the e-commerce landscape rapidly evolves, our commitment remains resolute in equipping local entrepreneurs and businesses with the knowledge, resources, and online export expertise essential for sustained international success. We recognize the immense potential within Southeast Asia and envision a future where our joint efforts with industry collaborators will serve as a catalyst for the region’s entrepreneurial community.

“Together, we will not only navigate the opportunities and complexities of cross-border e-commerce but also pioneer innovative solutions that keep local brands at the forefront of global cross-border e-commerce.”

Russell Chan, Principal & CEO, Nanyang Polytechnic, said, “By being aware of what local businesses wanted and needed, we were able to work with Amazon Global Selling so that this collaboration delivers real, immediate, and practical initiatives which tap into Amazon’s global expertise and insights, as well as NYP-SIRS’ experience and know-how in the retail space. This region is quickly developing into a powerhouse for the B2C cross-border market – and this collaboration is poised to make a considerable impact.”

Themed ‘Go Global from the Get Go’, this year’s Amazon Global Selling Summit (Southeast Asia) will showcase inspirational success stories from sellers across the region. These stories illustrate how sellers harnessed Amazon’s innovative services and tools to achieve their goals of selling internationally in North America and Europe.

At the summit, Amazon Global Selling outlined four strategic priorities for its business in Southeast Asia in 2024:

  1. Introducing Global Infrastructure and Resources: Amazon continues to invest in global infrastructure and supply chain innovation to optimize and simplify sellers’ fulfilment and delivery needs. FBA (Fulfilment by Amazon) offers a fast and reliable service, reducing sellers’ operational burdens and enabling them to focus on brand and product innovation. Amazon introduced Supply Chain by Amazon, an end-to-end, fully automated set of supply chain services, providing sellers with a complete solution to move products from manufacturing locations to customers worldwide.
  2. Strengthening Local Industry and Entrepreneurship Collaboration: Amazon Global Selling actively collaborates with governments, industry associations, and institutes of higher learning in the region to empower entrepreneurs and upskill SMEs in CBEC. Collaborations with organizations such as NYP-SIRS, Enterprise Singapore, Singapore Business Federation (SBF), and the Department of International Trade Promotion (Thailand) facilitate knowledge sharing and enhance online export capabilities.
  3. Enhancing Product Innovation and Services: Amazon introduces innovative products and services to reduce seller frictions and enhance seller experiences. Generative AI capabilities were launched to simplify the creation of product descriptions, making it faster and easier for sellers to list new products. In Southeast Asia, where credit card penetration is relatively low, Amazon introduced debit card acceptance for sellers in Southeast Asia countries such as the Philippines, Malaysia, and Thailand, enhancing the seller registration experience.
  4. Comprehensive Global Brand-Building Solutions: Amazon offers comprehensive solutions for businesses seeking to establish a global presence. Beyond advertising tools, brand owners can utilize tools like the Customer Loyalty Dashboard to build stronger relationships with customers and boost brand and product-level loyalty. Brand Tailored Promotions enable brands to offer promotional codes to potential and new customers.

Anand Palit, head of Amazon Global Selling, Southeast Asia, emphasized, “Amazon Global Selling Singapore has been constantly strengthening and expanding our support for Singapore and Southeast Asian sellers, working closely with key partners. We remain steadfast in our commitment to help Singapore and Southeast Asian regional businesses grow into global brands.”


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