Alibaba Cloud Intelligence has recently launched a Global SME Enablement Program which is aimed at supplying and equipping SMEs with over US$30 million worth of technological relief in the form of cloud-first solutions.

The aim of the sum is to help smaller companies maintain business continuity as the effects of the coronavirus pandemic continue to be felt around the world.

The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in many nations enforcing lockdowns. As such, many SMEs have been forced to close their offices. The businesses that are able to operate remotely have urged their employees to work from home. Other businesses who were traditionally offline, have transformed their businesses to offer online services. Unfortunately, not all SMEs have the capabilities or resources to make the change.

Under the Global SME Enablement Program, new and existing Alibaba Cloud customers can apply to start using a portfolio of proven Alibaba Cloud solutions. The portfolio comprises 12 core solutions, including Elastic Compute Service that enhances cloud apps with low latency, and Object Storage Service (OSS) which extends encryption for cloud-based data storage and backups.

“COVID-19 has created unprecedented challenges and vulnerabilities to the global economy and especially to SMEs, who are often faced with financial constraints and limited access to technological support,” said Selina Yuan, President of International Business for Alibaba Cloud Intelligence.

Additionally, Yuan further revealed that Alibaba Cloud intends to help SMEs combat the effects of the pandemic by reaching out to members of SME associations, and helping meet their technological needs.

“The Alibaba Cloud Global SME Enablement Program aims to provide much needed and timely relief to SMEs so they can rapidly respond to the current crisis while speeding up their digital transformation and emerging from the current pandemic stronger and more resilient.”

In addition to the SME Enablement Program, the cloud services and data intelligence arm of Alibaba Group also pledged to invest US$28 billion into its cloud infrastructure over the next thee years in an effort to strengthen the digital economy and build the “next generation” of data centres.


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