World-renowned financial performance measurement guru Alan Miltz, famous for his “Cash Flow Story” innovation tool, will be in Malaysia on 4 October to address SMEs on cash flow mastery, a subject long-ignored by many small business owners but fast-becoming the downfall of otherwise solid enterprises. The event is jointly organised by the YYC Group and OCBC Bank (Malaysia) Berhad.

Mr Miltz, a global thought leader in financial analysis for businesses, banks and accountants, will share his thoughts on analysing and improving business profit, cash and business value so SMEs get the knack of how to avoid common pitfalls and instead thrive in what they do.

Mr Miltz’s financial analysis techniques have become a global standard for businesses, CPA’s and banks, and are now being used in 30 countries by over 20,000 customers and leading banks. He is co-author of the global bestseller Scaling Up by Verne Harnish, in which he contributed the financial component.

According to Datin Yap Shin Siang, CEO of the YYC Group, the event was put together based on alarming data that shows how an SME might appear to be doing well but actually isn’t, due to cash flow issues that are either unknown to them or left unattended to. “Local SMEs are exposed to various macro-economic challenges such as the US-China Trade War, regional political upheavals and technological disruptions. Managing a healthy level of cash flow while fighting against the tide to scale up will prove to be difficult. The “Show me the money” seminar is specially designed to help local SMEs to navigate through the treacherous cash flow traps that come along with these challenges,” Datin Yap said.

The seminar will deal with methods to generate more cash, lower the cost of borrowing, understand how banks review businesses, eliminate business blind spots and scale up.

Director of Corporate Strategy for Adam Khoo Learning Technologies Group, Mr Jeremy Han, will also address the seminar. A Gazelles International certified business coach, he is author of Winning the 21st Century Game.

According to OCBC Bank Head of Emerging Business Mr Wong Chee Seng this collaboration is part of an ongoing partnership with the YYC Group to attend to the pressing needs facing SMEs. “This seminar, along with the ones we will co-organise in future, will focus on industry best practices and are expected to be a boon to SMEs. “We are delighted to be part of this quest to provide SMEs with a deeper understanding of these best practices which will help them boost their business performance and better manage their finances,” he said.

Home-grown accounting firm YYC Group had in August announced its strategic partnership with OCBC Bank, designed to not only extend but also enhance both companies’ business offerings, operations and clientele.


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