Nearly 73% of Malaysians aged 18 to 40 admit to being in debt, with over half citing financial constraints and inflation as significant obstacles to their financial stability. Addressing this, Airo has entered the fintech arena as Malaysia’s first actively managed digital investment platform, offering a beacon of financial empowerment.

Many young Malaysians face barriers to becoming investors due to a lack of knowledge about effective investment strategies. A 2022 survey by the Securities Commission Malaysia revealed that only 38% of respondents had high financial literacy, and just 35% had capital market knowledge.

Airo aims to help Malaysians achieve their investment goals by providing personalized strategies based on individual profiles. The platform’s algorithm-driven investment engine tracks and monitors opportunities, adjusting portfolios to align with market conditions. Airo’s dynamic asset allocation strategy adapts swiftly to the changing global economic landscape.

The platform caters to diverse financial goals, such as funding education or building a retirement nest egg, with investment services starting at RM50. This approach removes a significant cost barrier for first-time investors, enabling them to embark on their investment journey.

William Yii, Chief Investment Officer at CP Global Fintech Solutions, underscores the commitment to delivering long-term solutions. Airo utilises a robust risk measurement system, including a conditional-value-at-risk (CVAR) system for 24/7 risk management. The platform’s proprietary technology mitigates damage from market corrections and ensures secure handling of investors’ funds.

Airo holds a Digital Investment Manager (DIM) license from the Securities Commission of Malaysia, aiming to usher in a new era of accessible and personalized financial solutions for Malaysians. The platform is available on both Android and IOS platforms, and more information can be found here.


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