Founded in 2003, OnePro offers a specialized post-production service. By leveraging the depth of knowledge in production, the company officially operated as a professional production house in 2008. Then, the more projects done, the more it realized that there is always a substantial gap between creative ideas and production execution that would be hard to foresee since the very first stages of ideation. Together with the speed of digitalization, OnePro believes that this gap needs to be erased to truly make a good creative work. Finally, the company evolved to an integrated ideation & production agency to provide a consistent, seamless, multi-dimensional brand experiences that can make a real impact to the business & consumers’ lives. 

The Tension In Today’s Advertising World 

The digital population in Vietnam is still on an unprecedented rise with this growth primarily driven by mobile. 

  • 70% – Internet penetration 
  • 67% – Social media penetration 
  • 150% – The number of mobile connections in Vietnam vs the total population 

Digitalization has created entirely new patterns of how brands are built. However, this is also the pressure put on any brands. How to stay distinctive when every brand doing the same tactics. Brands are obsessed with social proof just to see the brand mentioned or shouted out across digital channels. Attention and share of voice is a key indicator of digital successful strategy that all brands are thirsty for. 

Eventually, brands easily fall into the trap of fragmented meaning and lacking awareness. They have succeeded in building their online presence, but they are lacking a “why” (meaningfulness) behind to make consumers stick to the brand. 

Why Being Care-able Matters? 

OnePro believes in human nature where every behavior has a particular purpose and can be shifted by a cultural tension. And when a brand deeply touches into the insight behind tension, they can make a behavioral change which can help them drive real growth into business. 

How To Build Care Into a Brand? 

The company can start with a well-defined business problem. And integrate behavioral science & data & insight to create effective creativity which can truly solve the problem and deliver real result. 

How We Can Together Make A Difference ? 

Philosophy is the business compass and point-of-difference. Being care-able is the key for brand growth and our one goal is to cultivate and create the power of care – an intrinsic motivator that will move brand from a commodity into a meaningful partnership with the audiences. 

A Completed Cycle Of Work 


A strong connection from truthful brand strategy to integrated creative solutions and execution. 


A single-minded and high-quality control over the entire working process.


A real business result from a purposeful creativity, cost efficiency and proper time management. 

“We’re thriving on creating one holistic & progressive advertising solution tailored to each type of customer, in order to get your business seen and heard.”


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