Menangani Customer Experience Selepas Pandemik

Untuk perniagaan besar dan kecil, memiliki pengalaman pelanggan yang baik adalah perbezaan dalam memperolehi keunggulan kompetitif. Malah, ada yang mengatakan bahawa 'pengalaman pelanggan adalah pemasaran baru', dan PKS khususnya perlu memberi perhatian.Dengan tetamu khas:- Dato' Alha Alfa, Pengasas, Alha Alfa Rich Legacy- Bon Zainal, Chief Creative Director, Bon Fashion LegacyModerator:- Rozita Shuib, Associate Publisher, Business Media International#sme #sme100 #inspiredsme #customerexperience #cx #khidmatpelanggan #bonzainal #alhaalfa

Posted by SME & ENTREPRENEURSHIP MAGAZINE on Jumaat, 3 Julai 2020

After weeks of lockdown and restricted movement, businesses are on track to reopening. The COVID-19 pandemic has been a major headache for businesses and consumers alike. Even now, as companies are scrambling to readjust to the new business climate, more and more new challenges have revealed themselves.

With consumers still wary of the threat of COVID-19, a “new normal” has formed. This shift in the business ecosystem must be addressed by both SMEs and larger corporations or they risk being left behind. One aspect of business that has not changed much is the customer experience. In fact, rather than being transformed by the pandemic, the core aspects of CX remains the same; simply more is being added on top of it as consumer expectations change.

On 3 July, a short webinar was conducted by SME Magazine to discuss the implications and difficulty of adapting to the “new normal” as well as the changes new expectations that customers will want to see in their customer experience post-pandemic. Panellists that participated in the webinar include Dato’ Alha Alfa, founder of Alha Alfa Rich Legacy; and Bon Zainal, Chief Creative Director at Bon Fashion Legacy.

Both panellists agree that at least for the near future, we will not be returning to the way “we always did it.” Businesses such as restaurants, gyms, hair salons, and just about every type of business that has walk-in traffic, will have to make adjustments to adapt to the new expectations of their customers.

Businesses must be aware that consumers have not stopped shopping. They have just changed the way they go about it. Thus, the it is not the customer experience that has changed; it is the way that businesses go about providing that same excellent customer experience that has changed. With that in mind, companies need to be prepared to meet the new demands in order to deliver a better customer experience that is safe and alleviates customer concerns.

The webinar also emphasises the importance of customer feedback. Part of the discussion also involves not assuming that you know what the customer wants without engaging with them. The panellists reiterate that it is the customer who will tell you if you are doing a good job and they will share their concerns if you are not.

It is advisable to listen closely to your customer’s feedback and quickly react to areas that need improvement. This is important as a bad customer experience may still result in a lost customer even with the trust built with health and safety standards. This is especially so with how easy it is to find a replacement online in today’s digital age; which in itself has been accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic.

You can view the entire webinar via the SME Magazine Facebook page, which can be found here.


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