Singapore-based ABBA OL Pte. Ltd. has become a prominent player in the culinary scene, offering a delectable array of Japanese delights through its three distinctive brands.

Kei, specialising in kaisendon (Japanese sashimi rice bowl), Onkei, known for its tonkatsu (deep-fried pork cutlets), and Keitaku, focusing on mazesoba (broth-less dry ramen noodle dish), showcase the company’s commitment to providing authentic and affordable Japanese cuisine without compromising quality.

Founded in May 2017, the inspiration behind ABBA OL’s journey was the owner’s passion for Japanese cuisine, cultivated during her travels to Japan. Upon returning to Singapore, she identified a gap in the market—prohibitively expensive Japanese rice bowls.

This realisation led to the establishment of Kei and, subsequently, the expansion into a successful chain of 30 outlets across Singapore.

The name “KEI,” derived from the Japanese Kanji Character “惠” meaning “Blessing,” reflects the company’s vision to spread the spirit of graciousness through its brand.

ABBA OL has made its mark internationally with the opening of its first overseas outlet in Shanghai’s Metrocity Mall, China, in August last year.

Setting itself apart from competitors, ABBA OL prioritises food standardisation by collaborating closely with suppliers.

This ensures that ingredients are prepared consistently in terms of size, quality, and taste, streamlining the food preparation process and enhancing efficiency for cooks and chefs.

The company places a strong emphasis on food innovation as a core objective for sustained growth. Encouraging staff involvement in creating unique dishes, ABBA OL collaborates with various suppliers to explore seasonal seafood and introduce novel ingredients to the menu.

Recognition for its dedication to quality and innovation came in the form of the ‘SME100 2023 Award’, ‘Singapore Prestige Brand 2020/21’ award and the “Transformation Winner” award through public voting in the same year.

ABBA OL remains committed to maintaining consistency in service and food quality across all outlets by emphasising standard operating procedures and training.

Beyond culinary excellence, ABBA OL actively engages in corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs. The company collaborates with elderly homes, providing daily free bento and essential supplies.

Looking ahead, ABBA OL aims to continue contributing to society by partnering with charitable and non-profit organisations, demonstrating its commitment to corporate social responsibility.


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