22 November 2023, Kuala Lumpur – S.U.A Interior Designs announced two strategic ventures targeted at reshaping the landscape of interior design in Malaysia. The event witnessed the launch of the licensing initiative with Creation 369 Interiors, the pioneering licensee under V-Space Series 01, and the collaborative partnership between Ed Mun Academy and Creation 369 Interiors in an employee upskilling initiative.

(L-R) Gary Lim, COO of S.U.A Interior Design, Esther Ng, Founder of Creation 369 Interiors, Ed Mun of Founder of Ed Mun Academy

S.U.A’s Holistic Ecosystem: V-Space and Ed Mun Academy

Ed Mun, the visionary founder, highlighted the significance of these ventures, presenting a holistic ecosystem beyond conventional collaborations. The newly introduced V-Space and Ed Mun Academy, under the S.U.A Group umbrella, aim to deliver quality interior design services while transforming the creative industry. Ed Mun Academy, in particular, seeks to share valuable insights and principles with aspiring designers to promote collaboration over competition within the creative industry.

Gary Lim, COO of S.U.A, expanded on the licensing initiative by expressing S.U.A’s commitment to enabling more people to crystallize their visions of their ideal abodes. Creation 369 Interiors will launch its first retail outlet at Sunway Velocity, offering bespoke interior design services for residential projects and more. The partnership promises a support system covering various aspects of organizational support and human resource development programs to ensure licensees have the tools to scale and succeed.

Esther Ng, founder of Creation 369 Interiors, expressed gratitude for being the first partner to be engaged under this innovative licensing opportunity. She highlighted S.U.A’s proven track record and support structure, both of which ignited her commitment to and confidence in the venture. Creation 369 Interiors marks the first of many licensees to come under the S.U.A umbrella, setting the stage for a novel approach in the interior design industry.

The event also marked the collaboration between Ed Mun Academy and Creation 369 Interiors. Graduates of the academy will play a vital role in the licensing framework, addressing the need for continuous upskilling efforts and talent in the industry.

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