Popularity of online shopping amongst Malaysians has increased by 9 per cent compared to last year, with 76 per cent of Malaysians indicating they shop online at least once a month. This trend is even higher amongst millennials – 82 percent of them shop online at least once a month, according to the Visa Consumer Payment Attitudes survey.

The survey showed that the top categories for purchases online are bill payments (58 per cent), fashion and accessories (52 per cent) and travel (52 per cent). This is similar to the data from VisaNet, where top categories of spend by Malaysians include travel, insurance payments and telecommunication payments.

“Popularity in online shopping has definitely grown amongst Malaysians, where we are seeing more than 20 per cent growth in spend on eCommerce. There is also an increasing trend of more Malaysians using their mobile devices to shop online. The study showed that 57 per cent of Malaysians are using their mobile phones to shop at least once a month online, up 9 per cent from last year,” said KB Ng, Visa Country Manager for Malaysia.

“Shopping online has evolved with the introduction of on-demand service providers such as Uber, Grab and Food Panda. 54 percent of Malaysians have used these services in the past year and convenience is the main reason cited for using such services, followed by being able to shop in the comfort of their own homes. This invisible payment experience has transformed the cardholders’ experience because they need not whip out their payment cards or cash to pay for a product or service purchased because the cardholders’ card details are stored using card-on-file solutions. We believe the consumers’ payments experience will continue to evolve for the better as we see more payment providers striving to enhance the payment experience for Malaysians,” added KB Ng.

On-demand services have also elevated consumers’ expectations as they expect faster delivery times. 54 percent of Malaysians use meal delivery on-demand services at least once a month and 53 percent expect their meal orders to reach them within 30 minutes. When asked about future modes of payment, 57 per cent of consumers who want to pay for meal delivery via on-demand services indicated they would like to pay through mobile wallets, 47 per cent using wearables, 36 per cent of them using a pre-registered payment card and 17 per cent through Whatsapp.


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