The Legend Cargo Logistics team

Legend Cargo Logistics (Legend Cargo) has affirmed its position as one of the leading freight forwarding companies, especially for freight services from Vietnam to the booming North American market through its range of efficient logistics services.

According to Datamyne’s latest statistics, from the beginning of 2021 until now, Legend Cargo is ranked in the Top 10 of Vietnam’s freight forwarders with the largest volume of goods exported to North America.

Established in 2018, Legend Cargo is led by Mr Alex Nguyen, a director with more than 20 years of experience in the freight forwarding industry who is also the president of the company. Other members of the board have similar industry experience as well.

The company has a complete system to declare and control import and export goods transported by sea or air, as well as for inland transportation and customs clearance by the US Customs and Border Protection Agency (AMS), and the ACI in Canada.

Legend Cargo which is one of the major freight forwarders in Vietnam, offers its diversified services to customers with its experienced personnel specialised in these services.

The logistics service is operated through a One Touch System – from marine transport to inland transport – by preparing the newest container ships for a fast and accurate document service. Customer’s cargoes are divided into a 20 ft/ 40 ft container according to their type before being transported to the destination.

The fully computerised SMS system enables cargoes to be moved more safely to the satisfaction of the customers. Legend Cargo always strives to fulfil all the customers’ needs.

Legend Cargo today has become a reliable partner for many major freight forwarding companies around the world such as WCA, JCTRANS, 5SLN, GLA and Seajet. It is also a member of the Federal Maritime Commission (FMC) and SCAC.

In addition, the company is a partner of many major shipping lines in the world such as Cosco, ONE, OOCL, Yangming, Wanhai, HMM, Evergreen, ZIM and TS Lines.

With offices and warehouses located throughout the major cities in Vietnam such as Ho Chi Minh City (headquarters), Hanoi, Hai Phong and Da Nang, Legend Cargo is able to provide services to customers across the country, with both FCL and LCL services.

The firm’s cargo terminal warehouse & CFS, CY with a wide space offering a total logistics system, provides a one stop service for your valuable cargoes from warehousing, inventory control, custom clearance service and the distribution, with more efficiency.

Legend Cargo also offers a specialised transportation system for heavy project cargoes, ensuring safe delivery of heavy cargoes, construction materials for power plants, airport or port projects.

Bulky cargoes with heavy weight, over-sized dimensions and large volumes which cannot be loaded into 20 ft / 40 ft containers are transported by bulk vessels.

It also has a specialised service for cargoes needing temperature control where an exact temperature is carefully kept during the whole journey.

Legend Cargo’s efficient logistics services and a well-planned transport system will lead to the efficient performance of a customer’s business.

With the underlying spirit of putting customer satisfaction above all the rest, Legend Cargo commits to:

  1. Be honest while giving professional advice;
  2. Always put the attitude and service quality first; and
  3. Ensure delivery and receipt of goods, creating value for partners.

Besides business activities, the company also regularly supports the community with its corporate social responsibility undertakings. For instance, it is the main sponsor of tennis at the 6th Olympic 2030 Sports Congress – 2020.

With the slogan ‘LET CUSTOMERS LOVE’, Legend Cargo will continue to develop its business and cement a strong reputation nationwide and worldwide.

Legend Cargo has grown to become a reliable logistics provider which is consistent and dedicated in offering its services and also one of the leading international freight forwarders in Vietnam and worldwide.


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